My final blog post

The end of the semester has arrived. This is my final blog post for the fall semester of CT101. The last four months of the course went by quickly. During each weekly session I sometimes found myself in a topic I was somewhat familiar with or doing something completely new. This was my first class in York as a transfer student and I’m glad I choose this particular course. Prof.Seslow introduced the class to many great things, such as Photoshop, web security and of course how to make our own website. I think these topics are awesome because it shows people that you don’t need to be an expert coder to make a great website. As long as you have a clear vision on what you want to do for your site. The tools are there for you to make that happen. Of course being familiar with some HTML or CSS helps but that isn’t needed at all for this course which makes this accessible for everyone. Although, I wouldn’t of minded if we did end up doing a lesson on some basic HTML/CSS. It may sound a little frighting to some but at least testing the waters in some basic coding could perhaps take someones website to the next level or even just to get a feel if maybe coding is something for oneself. My favorite lesson would have to be when we did Vaporwave art and added web security to our sites. I used to do some vapor art in my free time a while ago and be able to do some again brought back some memories. But perhaps the one lesson that sound out to me was when we added basic security features to our websites. I’ve done websites in the past for other courses but I never implemented any sort of security to the sites. I never even thought about at all until we did that lesson. It’s something so important that I couldn’t believe I would ignore that in the past. I really appreciated that lesson because it brought awareness to me on web security and how it should never be ignored. For my final grade I believe i earned a B+. I felt like until we reached the vaporwave lesson I don’t think I was putting 100% in my blog posts. I was struggling on writing and I believe I still am. This was the first site where the content I posted was all up to me. It sounds great but it was a bit overwhelming for me because I would struggle on how to put my words.

I think that’s why I decided to make my website focus on overwatch. Its something I enjoy and i wouldn’t really have trouble on what I could write about, I just had to present something that did not lack cohesion. Ultimately, I think I may continue working on this site for my own sake. If I continue on the website after this semester it will be to improve on writing. Being at liberty to write about anything is great and I would like to improve on that so if I do take a course where I am able to post anything I want to take risks and not fall back on something safe. Then I will know that I’ve improved. Thank you to Prof.Seslow for allowing us to be creative and introducing us to great web content.

New OWL teams

The inaugural season of the Overwatch League consisted of 12 teams. Nine of the twelve teams were based in the continental U.S. The other three were based in London,Seoul, and Shanghai.  Leading to season 2 of OWL eight new teams will added from multiple parts of the world. There will be 3 new teams based in China. Hangzhou Spark, Guangzhou Charge, and Chengdu Hunters. Culminating to a total of four Chinese teams in Season 2. Canada will be getting their first two teams the Toronto Defiant and Vancouver Titans. The U.S. will be getting two additional east coast based teams the Atlanta Reign and the DC based Washington Justice.  And finally, Europe will be getting their second team with the Paris Eternal.  I would of liked to have seen Korea getting an additional team but regardless it’s great to see all these new teams and their identities. The Overwatch League is expanding immensely after just one season. Eight additional new teams is amazing for the growth of the League and I look forward to what the future will bring. All these new teams are bringing new players to the league and old players returning to new teams.  Will one of the new teams win the championship or will it be a team from the inaugural season?


Showcase matches Part 1

The past weekend was the NYXL homecoming weekend event. The team was going to appearances at the pop-up shop and host two showcase matches against the Philadelphia Fusion and LA Valiant.  Their first match was against Philly and it was the one I was looking forward to the most. Philly ended up knocking out NYXL from the playoffs in the summer. So even though it was just an exhibition match I felt that NYXL would try hard to win the against them. At the start of the match both teams composition consisted of the current meta, 3 tanks and 3 supports.  It was a best of 4 matchup. New York ended up winning the first two matches and were up 2-0 in the series. After halftime, Philly ended up winning the next two matches. So we would see a tiebreaker map.  The tiebreaker map is done in a Control map also known of king of the hill. The teams have to capture an objective and maintain control of it until the timer reaches 100%.  First team to win two rounds wins the Control series and there is no possible scenario for a draw. NY won the first round of the control map and Philly won the second round. We were down to the last round and both teams were going at it. The one thing about the current meta is that the duration of a team fight is very long.  New York lost the objective at 99% and just needed to win a single team fight to reclaim the point and win. With a clutch charge from their Main tank “Mano”, New York reclaimed the objective and ultimately won the map and series 3-2.  It was a great match and I was happy that New York got their revenge. Even though it was just an exhibition match.


Showcase Matches Part 2

The following day NYXL hosted the LA Valiant for their match.  What was interesting about this matchup was that the Valiant’s roster was incomplete. They were short players due to personal commitments and only had 4 available players when a team consists of 6 players.  To keep the show running New York ended up letting LA “borrow” players from their own roster to complete the team for the sake of the match. So LA was going to play with a mixed roster but at the cost of a competitive match. Even though it was going just going to be an exhibition match I was looking forward to some competition between the two. As I expected the match ended up living up to the words “friendly match”. I wasn’t disappointed though the matches weren’t serious but they were fun to watch since the team compositions didn’t consist of the current meta and some of the players were not playing the positions they are known for.  Ultimately after several fun matches the LA Valiant with their mixed roster won the series 3-1.  Regardless of the outcome I’m really looking forward to Season 2 of the Overwatch League.  Eight new teams will be entering the league and I’ll be discussing that in another blog post.


Friday is the day

Friday marks the arrival of the 5th installment of the Super Smash Bros. series. Super smash bros. Ultimate. This roster for this game will include  every single character that was playable in each previously released game.  I remember reading in total it will be about 65 characters in the roster. I haven’t played a Smash game since Brawl. But i remember playing Smash 64 and Melee for endless hours when I was a child. It’s crazy to see how the game has changed in the years. Smash Melee has a strong competitive scene. I’m not too familiar on that particular scene but I know its not a small fan base as the game has been played in tournaments such as EVO. An annual esports tournament focused on fighting games. Not sure on who I’ll main yet. I ended up purchasing a Nintendo switch to play the game.  The hype is real.



After multiple rumors that a special  mystery character will become canon in the upcoming Broly movie, a bombshell dropped with a teaser revealing Gogeta’s canon debut. The trailer did not disappoint at all.  Even though most people already had a good feeling that he would appear in the movie there were no leaks of his new design. So his new appearance was a mystery.  To some I guess the trailer ruined the surprise but for me it just made me more excited to watch the movie. It really looks like its shaping to be the best Dragon Ball movie yet in my opinion. The trailer showed three different forms of Gogeta. His base form, super saiyan form and super saiyan blue form. I honestly can’t wait to see Goku and Vegeta do the fusion dance. It’s only a week away from being released in Japan. We’ll have to wait till mid-January to see the English dub in theaters. I found a cool image comparing Gogeta and Vegito’s transformations.

NYXL’s Pop-Up shop

My favorite OWL team, the New York Excelsior recently opened a Pop-up shop in Brooklyn. They had one over the summer but this time around the shop will be open every weekend until Christmas. NYXL will be selling exclusive merch through collaborations with brands like Champion and Undefeated. I guess they want to esports merch to be more fashionable and to change the stigma of what a gamer would wear? Pretty neat approach to things. When I got there I even saw that they had a LAN set up. So you could not only shop but you also play with friends or other people who were there. Everyone was friendly and was having a good time. I ended up leaving with a Starter Jacket but didn’t try out the LAN. But i’ll definitely be going back.


This week the holidays are in full swing. Thanksgiving has arrived along with the festivities. I’ve only been the the annual Macy’s Thanksgiving parade when i was very young. But this year a new float of Dragon Ball’s Goku was going to debut. I didn’t really think much of it although I thought it was pretty cool. What got my attention was actually a tweet. The tweet was captioned, “How far we’ve come. ” It had a two photos. the first one was from an article probably from the late 90s or early 00s with the headline “Kids are glued to a violent Japanese Cartoon Show”. It had an image of Goku and frieza facing off. And the second image was of the New York times cover with Goku’s parade float. Pretty neat to see how the perception of these characters changed over the years. Here are the images that were mentioned.

Dragon Ball HYPE

Next month the newest Dragon Ball movie will premier titled Dragon Ball Super:Broly.  Many are excited as the fan favorite character, Broly will finally become canon in the Dragon Ball lore. The final teaser trailer dropped last week and the hype is big. It looks amazing and I personally cannot wait to see it. I look forward to seeing how Broly is introduced to the canon aside from his change in appearance. The character was first introduced in a 1993 spinoff film and became prominent in merchandise and a fan favorite since.  Here is his original 1993 design.

The character design of Broly is iconic to all dragon ball fan. From his body stature to his intimidating blank eyes.  In the canon 2018 version.  Some of his iconic features remain.  He still oozes power and strength in his new design.  I can’t wait for its official release next month.




Vaporwave art

Recently in class our lesson was an introduction to vaporwave art. I was personally excited for this because I used to actually create this sort of art myself. I love how its aesthetic borrows a lot of assets and can completely transform them. Its such a simple thing that really allows you to express yourself. My favorite part of vaporwave is the nostalgia factor. Its key component to its aesthetic. Doing vaporart used to be a favorite thing of mine to do in my spare time. My interests have changed but looking back at the art I made i really enjoyed seeing how I expressed myself. Perhaps this sort of lesson will reignite my interest in doing in vaporart again I really enjoyed it. Here are my two personal favorite original vaporart done by me.