Dragon Ball HYPE

Next month the newest Dragon Ball movie will premier titled Dragon Ball Super:Broly.  Many are excited as the fan favorite character, Broly will finally become canon in the Dragon Ball lore. The final teaser trailer dropped last week and the hype is big. It looks amazing and I personally cannot wait to see it. I look forward to seeing how Broly is introduced to the canon aside from his change in appearance. The character was first introduced in a 1993 spinoff film and became prominent in merchandise and a fan favorite since.  Here is his original 1993 design.

The character design of Broly is iconic to all dragon ball fan. From his body stature to his intimidating blank eyes.  In the canon 2018 version.  Some of his iconic features remain.  He still oozes power and strength in his new design.  I can’t wait for its official release next month.





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