After multiple rumors that a special  mystery character will become canon in the upcoming Broly movie, a bombshell dropped with a teaser revealing Gogeta’s canon debut. The trailer did not disappoint at all.  Even though most people already had a good feeling that he would appear in the movie there were no leaks of his new design. So his new appearance was a mystery.  To some I guess the trailer ruined the surprise but for me it just made me more excited to watch the movie. It really looks like its shaping to be the best Dragon Ball movie yet in my opinion. The trailer showed three different forms of Gogeta. His base form, super saiyan form and super saiyan blue form. I honestly can’t wait to see Goku and Vegeta do the fusion dance. It’s only a week away from being released in Japan. We’ll have to wait till mid-January to see the English dub in theaters. I found a cool image comparing Gogeta and Vegito’s transformations.


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