2018 OW World Cup

Last weekend was the last stage of the Overwatch world cup. It featured the remaining 8 countries that advanced during the group stage. South Korea,Canada,USA,UK,Finland,China,Australia, and France. South Korea were favorites to win it from the start.But dark horses like China and USA had people believing that they could possibly beat South Korea. In USA’s first match they went up against the UK. They look strong in the first map, which they won. But after that they lost 3 straight maps. The UK were underdogs going into this match and were able to best USA in a best of 4 series. As the tournament went on eventually we were down to the last two teams. The favorite South Korea and the dark horse China. In a very one sided match South Korea beat China 4-0 in a best out of 7 series. This was South Korea’s 3rd consecutive win of the world cup. Proving year after year that they are on an entire different level compared to everyone else.


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