Showcase matches Part 1

The past weekend was the NYXL homecoming weekend event. The team was going to appearances at the pop-up shop and host two showcase matches against the Philadelphia Fusion and LA Valiant.  Their first match was against Philly and it was the one I was looking forward to the most. Philly ended up knocking out NYXL from the playoffs in the summer. So even though it was just an exhibition match I felt that NYXL would try hard to win the against them. At the start of the match both teams composition consisted of the current meta, 3 tanks and 3 supports.  It was a best of 4 matchup. New York ended up winning the first two matches and were up 2-0 in the series. After halftime, Philly ended up winning the next two matches. So we would see a tiebreaker map.  The tiebreaker map is done in a Control map also known of king of the hill. The teams have to capture an objective and maintain control of it until the timer reaches 100%.  First team to win two rounds wins the Control series and there is no possible scenario for a draw. NY won the first round of the control map and Philly won the second round. We were down to the last round and both teams were going at it. The one thing about the current meta is that the duration of a team fight is very long.  New York lost the objective at 99% and just needed to win a single team fight to reclaim the point and win. With a clutch charge from their Main tank “Mano”, New York reclaimed the objective and ultimately won the map and series 3-2.  It was a great match and I was happy that New York got their revenge. Even though it was just an exhibition match.



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