Showcase Matches Part 2

The following day NYXL hosted the LA Valiant for their match.  What was interesting about this matchup was that the Valiant’s roster was incomplete. They were short players due to personal commitments and only had 4 available players when a team consists of 6 players.  To keep the show running New York ended up letting LA “borrow” players from their own roster to complete the team for the sake of the match. So LA was going to play with a mixed roster but at the cost of a competitive match. Even though it was going just going to be an exhibition match I was looking forward to some competition between the two. As I expected the match ended up living up to the words “friendly match”. I wasn’t disappointed though the matches weren’t serious but they were fun to watch since the team compositions didn’t consist of the current meta and some of the players were not playing the positions they are known for.  Ultimately after several fun matches the LA Valiant with their mixed roster won the series 3-1.  Regardless of the outcome I’m really looking forward to Season 2 of the Overwatch League.  Eight new teams will be entering the league and I’ll be discussing that in another blog post.



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