Hero 29 Revealed

Along with the Overwatch world cup finals, last weekend the newest hero was also introduced. Her name is Ashe and she is  the  leader of the Deadlock Gang.  She’s basically like futuristic American frontierswoman. Her character design has strong Wild West influences.  She is never alone though. Ashe always has her trusted B.O.B.  at her side. B.O.B is her omnic butler. For her ultimate ability she call out B.O.B to the field and he will plant himself in a spot and target everyone in sight.  Many people enjoyed the unique direction they went with this character. She isn’t a ability based character like previous characters that were added and most importantly she has B.O.B. Below is a photo of the duo. I look forward to her addition to the hero roster.

2018 OW World Cup

Last weekend was the last stage of the Overwatch world cup. It featured the remaining 8 countries that advanced during the group stage. South Korea,Canada,USA,UK,Finland,China,Australia, and France. South Korea were favorites to win it from the start.But dark horses like China and USA had people believing that they could possibly beat South Korea. In USA’s first match they went up against the UK. They look strong in the first map, which they won. But after that they lost 3 straight maps. The UK were underdogs going into this match and were able to best USA in a best of 4 series. As the tournament went on eventually we were down to the last two teams. The favorite South Korea and the dark horse China. In a very one sided match South Korea beat China 4-0 in a best out of 7 series. This was South Korea’s 3rd consecutive win of the world cup. Proving year after year that they are on an entire different level compared to everyone else.

The foundation

After initially setting up the basic parts of our website. Such as, choosing a header,url,etc. We finally set up the main foundation to truly begin our own blog. I’ve made websites before but some of the things that I did today such as installing Akismet to prevent spam were things I did not take into consideration when making sites before. I think this is a great thing about wordpress that they give you access to multiple plugins that really let you customize your site and give it the basic security. After todays lesson, website security will be a standard thing when I do other websites in the future.  I think some people overlook this when making their first sites. So its always great to being introduced to this. Being that online security is important. I know my website is small but every site regardless of traffic needs security of some sort.

Friendly Competition

Over the past year I developed a passion for esports. Mainly in part to a new thing called the Overwatch League. During the season I grown to enjoy new things I would of never imagined and share great moments with friends. This past weekend was the OVERWATCH WORLD CUP Los Angeles GROUP STAGE. It is annual event where several countries form a team of their best players and compete for victory in a best of 4 series. The countries that participated  in this stage were Canada,USA,Brazil,Austria, and Norway. The most anticipated match of the stage was USA vs Canada. Two powerhouse teams in the West.  Once they finally faced each other America came out victorious with 3-1 victory. It was arguably the best match of the weekend but the most memorable moment in my opinion came in the Austria vs Canada match. Where Canadian player “Agilities” pushed 3 members of the enemy team off the map.


***This post was originally published in the CT101 blog***