My final blog post

The end of the semester has arrived. This is my final blog post for the fall semester of CT101. The last four months of the course went by quickly. During each weekly session I sometimes found myself in a topic I was somewhat familiar with or doing something completely new. This was my first class in York as a transfer student and I’m glad I choose this particular course. Prof.Seslow introduced the class to many great things, such as Photoshop, web security and of course how to make our own website. I think these topics are awesome because it shows people that you don’t need to be an expert coder to make a great website. As long as you have a clear vision on what you want to do for your site. The tools are there for you to make that happen. Of course being familiar with some HTML or CSS helps but that isn’t needed at all for this course which makes this accessible for everyone. Although, I wouldn’t of minded if we did end up doing a lesson on some basic HTML/CSS. It may sound a little frighting to some but at least testing the waters in some basic coding could perhaps take someones website to the next level or even just to get a feel if maybe coding is something for oneself. My favorite lesson would have to be when we did Vaporwave art and added web security to our sites. I used to do some vapor art in my free time a while ago and be able to do some again brought back some memories. But perhaps the one lesson that sound out to me was when we added basic security features to our websites. I’ve done websites in the past for other courses but I never implemented any sort of security to the sites. I never even thought about at all until we did that lesson. It’s something so important that I couldn’t believe I would ignore that in the past. I really appreciated that lesson because it brought awareness to me on web security and how it should never be ignored. For my final grade I believe i earned a B+. I felt like until we reached the vaporwave lesson I don’t think I was putting 100% in my blog posts. I was struggling on writing and I believe I still am. This was the first site where the content I posted was all up to me. It sounds great but it was a bit overwhelming for me because I would struggle on how to put my words.

I think that’s why I decided to make my website focus on overwatch. Its something I enjoy and i wouldn’t really have trouble on what I could write about, I just had to present something that did not lack cohesion. Ultimately, I think I may continue working on this site for my own sake. If I continue on the website after this semester it will be to improve on writing. Being at liberty to write about anything is great and I would like to improve on that so if I do take a course where I am able to post anything I want to take risks and not fall back on something safe. Then I will know that I’ve improved. Thank you to Prof.Seslow for allowing us to be creative and introducing us to great web content.

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